Art Exhibition

Artist Statement

Coming from the Dominican Republic, I want to showcase what makes it special, to bring you a little piece of the beautiful country I once called home, and for me remember what it felt like to live there. As a graphic designer, I try to incorporate my culture into my own work. This is a wonderful time for me to do that, and also show people what I can do when my heart is all in.

My designs are inspired by the beautiful scenery and amazing culture of the Dominican Republic. You will see advertising for some of the most beautiful places on the island and the country’s  culture, as well as new branding of their famous beer. 

Most of these pieces are done in a hard-edged graphic style, I will also have two illustrations done with pastels. Color is my main focus throughout my work, I want to portray the essence of the country through vivid and rich colors. Color is a universal language that can be used to communicate across different cultures, values, and ideas. Every color has a meaning and a personality, I hope you enjoy my work and the colorful way I see the world.

Presidente Beer Branding

Presidente is a brand of Pilsner beer that is owned and produced by Cervecería Nacional Dominicana at several breweries in the Dominican Republic.